About Stuttgart Cricket Verein e.V.

  • As Runner-up of DCB Bundesliga(2019) and a four-times Bundesliga Southwest
    Champion (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, the Stuttgart Cricket Verein (SCV)
    also reached the Semifinals of the German Championship 2015 and 2018
    and has been the Runner-up at the BW 50 overs League and in the
    DCB T20 Cup Southwest for several years. In 2020 we even participated in the
    German Semifinals of DCB T20 Cup in Berlin. Achievements

    Since the founding of SCV in 2011, we have committed ourselves
    to sharing the joy of professional cricket with the people
    of Stuttgart and the region.

    We run two men´s teams in the German League:
    as "SCV" the men play in Bundesliga, the Regionalliga team is "SCV Blue".
    And we participate in the DCB Vereinspokal (T 20 Cup)
    with our Teams "Stuttgart Legends" and "Stuttgart Riders". The Teams

    In 2019, several female SCV members were part of the Bundesliga team "BW United",
    together with the ladies from TVKäfertal.

    In 2020 our youth team had its first appearance, first with tapeball and then
    with hardball cricket.
    As it is our aim to promote our sport in Germany, we additionally carry out various
    kid's programmes such as school events and trial trainings.
    Youth Cricket

    In summer we hold regular men´s and youth training at
    our ground at Eberhard-Bauer-Stadion in Esslingen, the very place
    where our home matches take place. (At the moment under construction)
    In winter we offer indoor training in Stuttgart. Training

    Last but not least we decided to contribute even more to the game
    by organizing tape ball tournaments in which people from all walks of life
    can get together and enjoy a day full of excitement and fun.
    In 2020 we expanded this format to include a youth tournament.SCV Cup

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