The merger

After 10 years of co-operation with SV 1845 Esslingen, our two clubs have now decided to merge. On 1 May 2024, the time had come:

SCV joined the SV and formed the new SV 1845 Esslingen cricket department, in short SVC.

This step opens up new perspectives, new opportunities for growth, improved training and playing opportunities and, above all, a home in Sportpark Weil.

What remains the same:

1. our team spirit, our teams, our concepts, our ideas

2. we will continue to play as Stuttgart Cricket Club in the 2024 season in the same divisions as before.

What is changing:

1. registration now goes to SV 1845 Esslingen and SCV Registration

2. the membership fees for 2024 are:

The fee is debited via SV 1845 by SEPA mandate and will be adjusted to the SV 1845 fee on a staggered basis until 2026.

3. from 2025 we will play as SVC in SCV league devisions